Sunday, 28 November 2010

winter woollies.............

Snow has fallen and the world looks like a big Christmas card!  We have escaped the worst of the weather so far but no doubt our share will come.  When does winter officially begin?  We were talking about this yesterday and thought it would be the 1st of December or perhaps the 21st of November.  Anyway it certainly feels and looks like winter now!  

This bright, still, weather is great  for photography and the sunsets too are amazing at this time of year.  We had lunch with friends today and afterwards I spent some time in their gorgeous garden taking photographs.  The sun was low, the snow was sparkling, and there were lots of lovely seed heads and spiky plant shapes.  One particularly spectacular teasel will probably end up in some of my cards!

Last night we got together with some friends in our local pub to play tunes and sing songs.  It was a spur of the moment idea, but these are often the best and it was a lovely evening.  It's a good time of the year for doing these things as those of us who do a lot of outdoor work tend to be more available in the winter evenings.

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  1. The BBC seem to think 1st December is the beginning of winter but then today I heard someone (must have been on the radio, as I don't think I've started hearing voices yet) say 21st December which is what my dad thinks. I reckon it's daft to say the solstice is the start of winter. I'd prefer that to be midwinter (bleak, etc) so that there's the possibility of an end to it and that end is within sight.

    Perhaps I'm getting cabin fever?