Tuesday, 9 November 2010

lazing on a sunny, autumn afternoon..........

Well not quite lazing, but certainly dawdling and dilly dallying because it was so spectacularly beautiful that I  kept stopping to take photographs much to the dogs' disgust as they were desperate to get on with their walk but they somehow seem to feel that they should stop every time I do!  We had a lovely walk and the sun was just disappearing as we reached home which was at about four o'clock.  It's very cold now and we probably have a frosty night ahead. 

I have treated myself to Angie Lewin's new book Plants and Places which is beautiful and  very inspiring.  It is full of her stunning prints and she has also included some of her preliminary sketches which are works of art in themselves!  Many of her prints incorporate seedheads, teasels, alliums and thistles in woodcuts and linoprints and I love the colours she uses which have a decidedly retro, sort of 50's feel to them.

Angie Lewin lives in Norfolk, but she also has a cottage near Ben Rinnes in Morayshire and several of her prints are inspired by Speyside.  We climbed Ben Rinnes a few years ago and it's a lovely hill with magnificent views.

the silver birches look lovely and wispy as they lose the last of their leaves

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