Sunday, 28 November 2010

even winterier woollies................

Although my last posting had today's date, I actually wrote it on Friday and the winter army has advanced significantly since then.  A great deal of snow fell on Friday night and yesterday was extremely cold then it snowed through the night and continues to do so as I write.  We have also had lots of thunder and lightning and many areas have lost their power supply,  AND it's only November! 

I don't mind the snow, but I feel very uneasy in thunder storms and the dogs get terribly agitated and nervous.  I think collies are particularly bad in these situations and they're also terrified of fireworks so at Guy Fawkes we all huddle in the kitchen with the wireless turned up to drown out the screaming and banging of squibs going off in the village.  It's amazing how the noise travels and the dogs' hearing is so much more sensitive than ours.

We were in Perth yesterday for an afternoon of talks organised by the Perth Burns Club in the A.K.Bell Library.  What an interesting afternoon it was, covering a range of topics including  storytelling through tales and ballads, the history of the lowland pipes, the poetry of Robert Fergusson and the Scottish Enlightenment.  

We had overlooked the fact that this weekend is a celebration of light in Perth and wandering through the town later, we discovered that various choirs were performing in the concert hall so we decided to stay on and listen to some of the singing.  It was all very festive with whisky cocktails being handed out and amazing interactive light shows bouncing off the concert hall walls.  Dominating the auditorium was this amazing moon made from thousands of lightbulbs and casting an ethereal light over the performers.

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  1. Fergus took part in a 'Boys Only' dance at the concert hall at lunchtime and he came home telling us all about the 'amazing light'! I couldn't go to see him dance as 800 boys took part so there were very few available seats for parents, sadly.