Wednesday, 27 October 2010

going, going.................

I think this is the last we'll see of these lovely flowers.  We've had a few frosty nights which have more or less finished off the annuals and the remaining lupins and verbascum were looking decidedly droopy this afternoon.  Not to worry though, because this is the season of spectacular seedheads, teasels and wonderful skeletal shapes which make exciting arrangements especially in big stone jars and funny old bottles.  Seedheads are a recurring theme in a lot of my artwork and I have jars of them all over the house.  I love big allium heads which can be hung from the ceiling with fishing line and create all sorts of amazing shadows in different lights.  I'm not a great fan of rosebay willow herb, but I do love it at this time of the year with all its curly little tendrils forming almost complete circles and it's particularly striking in the frost as you can see in this photograph taken last winter. 

I spent a lovely, peaceful hour in the greenhouse this afternoon potting up some young plants which will overwinter in the greenhouse or the polytunnel.  I sowed some rosemary to replace the plants lost in last winter's severe frosts and the new little plants look very strong and healthy.  I also have hollyhocks, everlasting pea, michaelmas daisies and honesty.  Honesty usually self seeds, but again, I think last winter was too much for it as it didn't appear as usual this spring.   

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