Wednesday, 6 October 2010

beans, beans..............

We've been harvesting the last of the broad beans and there are a lot more than I expected!  (and there are still more to pick)   I boiled up a massive pan load to make broad bean pate, which, thankfully, freezes well and we've also frozen several bags of shelled beans which will be welcome in the depths of winter.

I went out to the garden yesterday between showers to look for some flowers for the house and came back with all these lovely things.  We have a tremendous crop of Discovery apples which have an excellent flavour and I  also found a few remaining pods of peas.  The flowers are fading fast, but we do have some lovely Michaelmas Daisies, and some hardy stems of mullein.  The cornflowers have been battered down by the rain, but I managed to salvage a few for the kitchen table.  In August I planted out some late sown snapdragons in the polytunnel and it looks like they're now about to flower, and we still have sweet peas flowering beside the door along with a big tub of lovely pink geraniums.    

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