Wednesday, 6 October 2010

who knows where the time goes? quote the late, lovely Sandy Denny.  If only I could sing like she did!

It's only five weeks until the Handmade, Vintage and Antique fair in Kinrossie Hall and although that seems ages away, I know that the time just disappears and there is so much to do.  Last week I visited Twist Fibre Craft Studio in Newburgh to stock up on wool for my felted scarves.  It is a wonderfully inspiring shop and I always leave with my head full of colours and new ideas.  I often look at wool on websites, but I prefer to see it for real and feel its texture before buying it. 
I also use wool from our own sheep for felt making and am about to start washing and carding a Hebridean fleece to work with.  The Hebridean sheep are funny little characters - very lively and a bit difficult to pen!  When they first arrived they kept very much to themselves and didn't mix with the other sheep, but now they generally all flock together except when you try to pen them, and that's when they revert to their old ways!  Oh well, it's all good practise for the dogs.  
Speaking of dogs, our working beardie dog is getting a "bidie in" for a few days.  We're hoping for a successful mating with perhaps a puppy for ourselves.  The lady arrives tomorrow so it may be an action packed weekend!

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