Wednesday, 6 October 2010

meandering in mixed media

 from an original work on mixed media

Three days after the end of Perthshire Open Studios, and I'm still trying to clear the last of my "art debris" from the kitchen table in an effort to restore a bit of order to our fairly chaotic lives.  Over the last three weeks I (and my clutter) have managed to spill out of the caravan and into the kitchen, spare bedroom, bothy and anywhere else not already strewn with the  treasures of two incurable hoarders. 

This was the second year that Lisa, Katie and I showed our work  together during the Open Studios event and we all agreed that it was a great success.  Lisa has a delightful studio in her  garden where she creates and sells her wonderful textiles to the background music of a rippling stream and the accompanying chorus of  hens, ducks and geese.  It's truly idyllic!   Katie  brought along her lovely felt and porcelain and I  had my cards and felted scarves (more about them later) and we  had a lovely time selling our work, catching up on all the news and consuming vast quantities of coffee and cake.  Katie made a particularly delicious version of lemon drizzle cake with home made lemon verbena syrup for the drizzle - I think I ate three slices!  

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  1. Love it! Well done you, it's addictive once you get going. Go on a little blogging journey from one blog to the other, days will disappear!!!
    L xxx