Saturday, 19 March 2011

in the frame......................

Here we are over half way through March already!  Where has the month gone? 
I've been so busy over the last few weeks that the poor old blog has been rather neglected but now, armed with a huge mug of hot chocolate and accompanied by one of my Spotify playlists  I'll try to catch up.

I've been preparing a selection of my artwork for exhibition in a new tearoom which my sister is managing for an educational trust based on a nature reserve near Forfar.  They haven't opened to the public yet, but she wanted the artwork in place this week as she was cooking lunch for the trustees and wanted the place to look "finished" so I had a deadline to work to which was probably quite a good thing as I'm inclined to procrastinate!

I do all my own framing and use a mixture of new and recycled frames which I usually paint to complement my work.  Up until recently I have used either Farrow & Ball paints or artist's acrylics but I have just discovered the delights of Annie Sloan's wonderful paint.  Those of you who follow Vintage Squirrel's blog ( will have seen some of the gorgeous projects Katie has carried out using Annie Sloan paint and her sister in law Cait ( is an Annie Sloan stockist who also does unbelievably magical things with paint - do visit her blog!

I bought sample pots of a few colours and some of the soft wax recommended for use with the paint and set to work on some yellow varnished pine frames which I'd found in a charity shop.  One of the lovely aspects of this paint is that you don't need to do a lot of initial preparation.  It has a lovely thick, chalky consistency and is very easily applied.  Cait advises two coats of paint, then wax followed by sandpapering before finishing with more wax and that certainly worked well on my frames.

charity shop finds

before the Annie Sloan treatment

I also painted some smaller "gold" frames and then tackled a couple of large square beech frames which I bought in a well known supermarket as they were exactly the size I needed for two of my paintings.  However,  I couldn't believe it when I removed the backing boards to find that the glass was superglued to the frames!   Determined to use them, I painstakingly masked the glass before painting the frames, but I still had to do a bit of tidying up with a razor blade once the tape was removed.  Needless to say, I wont be buying any more of  them!

F&B James White - lovely paint!

Annie's Duck Egg Blue
Masking the superglued frame!

watching paint dry!

Annie's Versailles

I'm really excited about my first dabblings with this paint and have already started planning a few projects around the house.  We have a long narrow island in the kitchen, and I think it would look wonderful painted in Duck Egg Blue,  then there's a rather scuffed old tea trolley, and a chest of drawers, and a chair, and......................................the list is endless!


  1. Thanks for the plug Diane! Isn't Annie so easy to use? Is the tearoom open to the public yet? We must go along and sample her cakes and have a look at your work. Mum and Dad have an exhibition which opened last night at the Meffan and although I am biased, it is really lovely and you would really enjoy it. Hope to catch up soon! Kx

  2. Do you know the bit in Diary of a Nobody where Mr. Pooter goes a bit wild with his red paint . . .?

  3. The tearoom isn't open to the public yet due to problems with the wind turbine and the generator, but they hope to be up and running for Easter. Will pop into the Meffan next time I'm in Forfar.

  4. Didn't Mr.Pooter think he'd severed an artery or something when his red paint went wild? I'll try to avoid bright red unless I'm looking for work with the G.P.O.!

  5. Yes, you obviously are a fan of Lupin's dad too. I'm glad to hear you're avoiding the more sanguinary colours.



  7. I've just come across your blog via "Moonlight and Hares". It's just lovely! I look forward to perusing it.

  8. Diane, lovely to see the results and they are looking great. I need to sell you some really wonderful masking tape next time :)
    ....and we have a luscious Emperor's Silk Red that would match Mr Lupin's