Friday, 7 January 2011

last minute sky...................

The temperature is dropping again!  Last night it fell to minus 12 and today has been bitterly cold.  It was a particularly dull, colourless day and when I took the dogs out this afternoon I almost didn't bother to take the camera with me.  Thankfully I did and was rewarded with this spectacular skyscape which just seemed to appear from nowhere!  We hadn't seen the sun all day but suddenly a warm glow built up in the south west and this lovely sky transformed the afternoon!

Meanwhile, to the east something similar was happening although less fiery.  It was like a reflection in blue and pink and was quite amazing!

First footing continues well into January around here and we tend to get all the routine jobs done by early afternoon so that we can set off and visit friends and neighbours to wish them a happy new year.   When first footing someone, you take something to eat, something to drink and something for the fire.  We set off with a basket of bottles, jars of chutney, fruit cake, shortbread and lumps of peat and quite often the fiddle and guitar  just in case there's the chance of a tune!   It's a lovely custom and we've had our share of first feet as well.  Long may it continue.

feasting sheep

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