Saturday, 8 January 2011

Persephone Books..................

I have just discovered The Persephone Catalogue, brought out by Persephone Books in London.  They specialise in reprints of novels, diaries, poetry and cookery books, mostly by women and mainly from the early to mid-twentieth century.   It just arrived in today's post and I haven't had time to study it carefully, but even after a quick flick through, I've spotted several titles which I'd like to read.  Throughout the catalogue there are photographs of beautiful vintage fabrics whose designs are reproduced in the endpapers of the books.  I will be placing an order very soon and for anyone else who's interested they can be found on  The catalogue itself is a work of art and will probably be my bedtime reading for the next couple of nights! 


  1. ooooooohhhh, what a find! Just been over to have a look and it's really interesting. I have an EM Dashwood already and liked the look of a couple (only had a brief nosey). Let me know when you are ordering. Happy New Year! K x

  2. I love Persephone. I have all their cookery books and I absolutely love the Dorothy Whipples. Other favourites are The Homemaker, Family Roundabout and Good Evening Mrs Craven.

  3. Thank you for your blog comment. Like you I also recently discovered these amazing books! Lizzie