Friday, 8 April 2011


Oh dear,  I just couldn't resist that! 
Several friends have asked for a puppy report, and I have to say he's certainly thriving.  He is just over four months old now, and weighs about 38lb and I think he's going to be bigger than his father.  We're doing some basic training and he's getting the hang of "lie down" and "that'll do"  which are both important sheep dog commands.  He walks well on the lead and was very easy to house train, so all in all we're pleased with progress so far.  Although he doesn't have a particularly "beardie" appearance at the moment, he has a couple of very "beardie" characteristics such as barking at nothing in particular and letting his tongue fall out of his mouth!  All very amusing!   He also has a very sweet, affectionate nature and LOVES his food.

enjoying a muddy puddle

relaxing in the kitchen


giving his Dad a hug

trying not to look at the camera

.....eventually looking at the camera

the famous tongue!


  1. He's GIANT! The photos made us ALL smile this morning.

  2. He is beautiful! Brought a smile to my face - thanks for posting these.

  3. He's gorgeous isn't he?

    Thank you for your kind comment x

  4. He is absolutely adorable! Always love sheep dogs, so intelligent, friendly and loyal. That's it, as soon as I win the lotto and get that cottage in the country I'm getting me one! Great post, and what a wonderful little pup. Thanks for sharing!
    Roisin x